White Radiator Covers

Welcome to our page dedicated to white radiator covers, we built this page to help you find the perfect white radiator covers for your home that you can buy online or from popular high street retailers. Prices for white radiator covers range from £29.99 to £119.99 and come in a variety of different sizes. By browsing the covers below we are confident you will find the perfect design, fit and finish for your home. 

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White Radiator Covers Amazon

If you are looking to save some money we suggest sorting by “price” below and you will find the best Amazon listings currently available. One of the biggest benefits of buying from Amazon is usually sellers offering incredible products and extremely low prices. Buying on Amazon is probably the best way to save money but still do your research and browse the products we are promoting below before making your purchase. Just so you know we only promote the very best radiator covers on the market, we spend countless hours reading customer reviews to ensure nobody has been unhappy and a lot of time testing products independently giving you peace of mind when browsing our website. Popular sellers such as Jackstone House & Home Discount are a great choice if shopping on Amazon.

White Radiator Covers B&Q

If you are looking for the very best quality (aside from getting fully bespoke radiator covers made which cost a fortune) then B&Q offer some stunning white radiator cover designs which have received hundreds of positive reviews from their customers. B&Q radiator covers are easy to assemble and you can visit one of their stores if you prefer to buy in store. Sadly you’ll be lucky to find cheap white radiator covers in B&Q for under £45 as they simply a step above what you can typically buy from the likes of Amazon.

B&Q currently offer an exciting range of designs – called “collections”. All available in a premium white finish you can choose from New Suffolk (horizontal slat design), Kensington (vertical slat design), Mayfair (Small Diamond) and our personal favourite Cambridge a very traditional looking design.

If it is your first time purchasing a radiator cover you should think if you are likely to buy more in the future for other rooms in your home, from our experience the B&Q range is very well established and you shouldn’t have a problem buying more in the future, other retailers can often change their designs slightly or discontinue them all together.

Our last piece of advice for before making a purchase would be to avoid sites like eBay where sellers are selling extremely cheap radiator covers, if they don’t arrive damaged due to poor packaging, they typically don’t last very long and this is a reoccurring trend we see time and time again.

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