Adjustable Radiator Covers

Finding a radiator cover to fit in your home can be a challenge.

Have you been struggling to find a cover to hide your ugly radiator but not found the right size? Don’t lose hope, below you will find a selection of adjustable radiator covers that are guaranteed to offer you a flexible fit.

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On this page you will find a list of adjustable covers available from the most trusted high street & online retailers, we spend countless hours reading customer reviews and testing products to ensure we show you only the best products available for your money.

A radiator cover has become an essential furniture piece in the modern contemporary home. Whether you install one in your living room, hallway or bathroom they are designed to make a statement. Not all radiator covers are going to transform your home however. In fact, often poor quality radiator covers – mistakenly bought from bulk importers who don’t care about their quality can cause décor disasters. Avoid these sellers if you can, often found on sites like eBay at extremely low prices.

On a positive note: all the radiator covers you will find on our site are from trusted brands & retailers with hundreds of positive customer reviews.

With that said, let us give you a little introduction into the best adjustable radiator covers currently for sale.

Ajustable Radiator Covers B&Q (

B&Q in our opinion, offer some of the best quality radiator covers to date. They currently offer 5 designs/sizes of adjustable radiator cover from their popular collections Cambridge & Mayfair. These collections are also available in Small, Medium & Large which means you can expand into other rooms of your home instantly or further down the line. Definitely an added benefit for buying from B and Q.

Something to consider before making your purchase is if you are likely to be purchasing more radiator covers in the future, B&Q have been selling them for years and they are likely to be sticking around.

Amazon Adjustable Radiator Covers

If B&Q seems a little pricey don’t be concerned about making your purchase from Amazon. Although your not buying directly from a major UK retailer Amazon sellers are usually extremely focused on offering great value products at super low prices. You can buy adjustable radiator covers on amazon from around £40 with free delivery and as long as you buy from a seller with history and good reviews you won’t go wrong. Any adjustable radiator covers we show below from Amazon will have good customer feedback and reviews, we do not promote poor quality products on our website.

Now you have a little overview of the adjustable radiator covers market feel free to browse the designs and sizes below, if you need more information on a certain product simply click on it (page will open in a new tab) which will send you to the exact product page with accurate information.

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